Friday, October 3, 2008

Welcome to Vegan NZ

Hey guys. I decided to start this blog for a few reasons. I was inspired by the punkas vegetarian/vegan forum to begin with, but realised that not everyone in NZ uses punkas, though it's probably getting pretty close, haha. Secondly, I'm really lazy, and hate having to search through thousands of pages for vegan recipes. In saying that, there are a few really good recipes sites around (links in the side bar) - I just thought it would be nice to have a little NZ vegan community going on. The other good thing about having a NZ vegan blog is that all the recipes will use ingredients that everyone else can access - occasionally a problem when using recipes from the States, etc. What I'd ultimately like to happen is have people join the blog as members, and have access to the account, and be able to post their own recipes/photos up as the make new dishes. So, if you're interested in having your recipes shared on here, give me an email:, and I'll add you to the blogs member list. Choice.

I'm going to put up a few recipes now, but they are all for sweet treats! I'd be really keen for some people to share some less unhealthy recipes, because my sweet tooth is getting the better of me! If you have some things you'd like to cook/bake/make, and don't have a recipe, feel free to use this blog to ask if anyone else has it!

Edit: I'd just like to add that my sweet profile pic of Moz was actually a .gif, with Meat is Murder on it, but for some reason blogspot has frozen it on his lovely face only. I don't actually think I'm Morrissey.


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